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RV Buyers "Advocate"™

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Save Thousands on Your next RV purchase!

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Before You BUY Your First, Next Or Last Motorhome! We WILL Help You Save Thousands and Have a "Confident" Experience with Your next Motorhome Purchase or Trade. You Can Save Thousands of $$$ More 
and Countless Hours with Us Working For You!

CALL us at (877) 937-2311 to find out how!



Ignorance is not Bliss when it comes to your hard earned money! Let us assist you in finding the "RIGHT" pre-owned luxury motor home for you at a truly fair price. With the help of our experienced Motor Home buying/trading consultants, The RV Buyer's Advocate™  can locate opportunities that cannot be found by simply walking in through the front door of a dealer. Our Motor Home owner/sales pros have years of touring experience. The RV Buyers Advocate takes pride in helping buyers save tens of thousands of dollars on their first, second or tenth Motor Home purchase. Because  RV Buyers Advocate™ represents your needs rather than the Motor Home dealer's.

You will enjoy more value and after the purchase personalized customer support! Contact us now at (877) 937-2311 to get through the RV (Recreational Vehicle),or Motor Home buying, trading, selling, or financing process with ease

Best of award for 2015

The Brands We Look For Include:
 • Monaco®
 • Holiday Rambler®
 • Country Coach™
 • American Coach®
 • Prevost™
 • Blue Bird®
 • Winnebago™
 • Tiffin
 • and Many More!

SAVE Thousands on your next Motor Home Purchase including paying WAY BELOW WHOLESALE for Luxury Diesel Coaches including American Coach, Beaver, Country Coach, Fleetwood, Prevost, Itasca, Monaco LLC, Tiffin, Winnebago, and more!

Family with RV, RV Trading
Family Outside RV, RV Buying

What Motorhome Will You Drive Next?

Tour the North American Continent in a fabulous Luxury Motorhome such as Monaco®, Holiday Rambler®,  Country Coach™,  American Coach®,  Prevost™,  Blue Bird,  purchased with the assistance of The RV Buyer's Advocate™. We work hard to ensure you receive the best Value on your purchase, sale, financing or trade of a used luxury motor home.

For buyers, RV Buyer's Advocate™ will advise and train you in how to choose your first or next motorhome. We will give you the current market price of that motorhome and how much you should expect to pay. We can help you find the best deals currently available in the market. Why buy a brand new $200,000 to $400,000 conventional motorcoach at a good discount and watch it drop another 15-20% in value after the first year. We will show you the option of purchasing higher line coaches that are nearly new and priced near or below NADA Wholesale, or older coaches at a fraction of the cost of a new coach.

For sellers, RV Buyer's Advocate™ help you get the true market value for your motorhome relative to the amount of time you can allow to sell it. Your coach will probably not go up in value and if you are making payments, time is working against you!     
For Traders, For the first time in history, thousands of ultra-high end motorhomes are still offering the benefits of a new motorhome at a small fraction of what a new coach retails for today. RV Buyer's Advocate can help get you the most value for your current coach which may include helping you find a buyer and applying the proceeds towards your next coach as a "pass-through." You can save thousands in sales tax over a straight trade to the dealer, plus in many cases saving tens of thousands on a high line coach trade in.

For Dealers and Wholesalers You can get Higher Prices on your wholesale "Selling" transactions and Lower Prices on your Wholesale Purchases by having us act as your agent.

*RV Buyer's Advocate ™ will guide you through the many facets of the buying process by training you on the following areas:

Understanding the way Motorhomes are priced compared to new both now and then in the market!
Preparing you to visit the dealership. 
How to get the most value out of your trade.
Coaching on getting the best rates and other financing issues.
How to get the highest level of customer service from your dealer. 
* RV Buyers Advocate™ charges a relatively small consulting fee for our services starting at $300 (call for quote)

Call us now at (877) 937-2311 to find out how The RV Buyers Advocate™
can save you up to tens of thousands of dollars on your next motor home purchase.


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