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About Us

After going through the process of purchasing a coach from Lazydays RV Super Center, I was overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction that I could not realize in my years as an investment advisor from my clients who invested with me for their future and retirement. I used my coach as a mobile luxury residence while on tour as a musician with my family with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "Greatest Show on Earth", we travelled more than 30,000 miles per year to hundreds of destinations throughout North America on every major interstate North to South and East to West, 

In our travels,Like many other experienced motorcoach owners, I would eventually master, while on move how to Search for, purchase, own, drive, troubleshoot, service and most importantly, enjoy our first coach for 3 weeks and 2 higher end luxury coaches. Finding my passion and no where near retirement, I went to work for the dealer who sold me my coach with the intention of learning the system of how they made me feel really good about my purchase. I immediately learned that most of the people in the sales and management end of the industry do not actually "own" what they sell. 

So, using my coach owner experience, I set out to make the already great purchasing experience even better. The dealer wants you to have the RV of your dreams. I want to save you thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by helping you realize the value of your hard earned money, while helping towards your dream. I will train you to think like an experienced coach buyer/owner before your first coach purchase. If you want to hit the road full tiime, I will steer you clear of the most common mistakes made by first time buyers. 

I believe that a vast majority of motorhome buyers pay too much, too often for their first coach. It only takes a few hours to become comfortable driving and maneuvering a coach larger than you think you are comfortable with. Can you afford to make this costly mistake and purchase again after only six months to a year later to the coach you really want.

How many swings can you afford to take before you find the right coach.

"Strike One"

A majority of first time buyers will walk in to their local RV dealer and purchase a "Brand new" first motorhome and return several months later to purchase the right motorhome. This is common at every dealership accross the US and Canada. If  a first time motorhome purchaser buys a huge 37 ft. gas coach that is as big as he or she needs, he or she may be back within a year to get a tag axle diesel pusher coach that has a smoother and quieter ride, more storage, more power, better mileage, less maintainance and better maneuverability than his or her gas coach. The financial implications of this common mistake can cost in some cases $30,000 to $50,000 or more depending on what coach and what dealer you purchased from.  

The Value of Money:

To save $50,000 dollars, the average person earining $100,000 per year may have to work for 5 to 10 years or invest $500,000 for 3 to 6 years (1.5% to 3% interest) in a Guaranteed CD........OUCH!    

 The RV Buyers Advocate is a business founded and managed by an actual customer of the RV Industry who became a salesman. "I know the feeling of writing a substantial check every month for the priveledge of owning a motorcoach as well as the pains and responsibilities that go along with what may be the most important financial decision of your life".

The RV Buyers Advocate is designed to act as your partner in purchasing and owning a luxury motorhome as well as acting as an intermediary between you, the buyer and the seller or dealer. Our buyer counseling will help take the intimidation out of the process of searching for a new coach and achieving the best value and fair price to both buyer and seller. 

Our Mission

We will do our best to be there for our customers during the purchase process and after the purchase to offer support and future savings in service related issues. It is our goal to help give you confidence necessary to make the most important financial decision of your life. 

Good Luck in your Travels and purchasing,
Joe Bruno Jr.
RV Buyers Advocate

When you want to buy Discount or Wholesale, recreational vehicles such as prevost, American Coach, Country Coach, Monaco, Tiffin and many other Class A Diesel Pusher motor coaches that are for sale not just cheap or low priced, but high in value and quality. Before you buy your first luxury motorhome, call RV Buyers Advocate at (877) 937-2311 or email us at info@rvbuyersadvocate.net.