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As a motorhome buyer, you will quickly discover that it is not that easy to make what may be to you, one of the largest financial decisions of your life.

The weight of your commitment added to your unfamiliarity with buying or owning a motorhome will usually lead you right to the front door of your local RV retail store where you will most likely pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars "too much" for your first motorhome.

I paid what seemed to me to be a fair price for my current motorhome and even went to work as a sales associate for the dealer whom I purchased it from, Lazy Days RV Super Center ™ in Tampa Florida. During my time there, one of the many things I learned from my "first time" shoppers and customers is that in their opinion they were buying their "first and last" motorhome. They would tell me, "We have done our homework and know exactly what we need."

In our opinion, "Unless you have actually gone through the complete process of shopping for, purchasing, taking a long trip over several weeks and dealing with the issues involved with travelling in a coach to who knows where,  you probably DO NOT know exactly what you need." Unless of course if you are one of the few who have rented a late model 40ft-45ft coach at $3,000 to $6,000 per week for several weeks to see what it's like.

Many of us simply cannot afford to do that.

First-Time Motorhome Buyers

As a "First-Time Buyer" you are most likely going to pay too much to the dealer or  private seller.

Many dealers try to sell you a brand new coach at a retail price that will fit your monthly budget based on a 20-year loan. As a first time buyer, you will have the opportunity of learning(for a price) how much a new coach depreciates in the first year with your payoff remaining virtually unchanged.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may have access to an auction where you can buy below dealer pricing. Coaches bought at auction are purchased "AS IS" and will open the door for a terrible "post" buying experience since there is no followup support.

Save $$$ on Service

We will help you save thousands in unnecessary diagnostic fees charged by dealers through our motorhome owner training process and our after-purchase support for as long as you own your coach and stay in touch with us.

We can help you get a coach through our network of dealers. These dealers who who make up more than half of the industry will take good care of you right up to the time you drive off of the lot. For those of you who would prefer to purchase through a private seller, wholesaler or the auction, we can facilitate those transactions by training you on owning your first coach. For additional fees, we offer services including taking delivery with you and helping you learn to maneuver the coach and build confidence.

Save thousands on Financing

We offer counseling on financing options for those who may need it. We will show you how to save hundreds of dollars of interest off of every payment you make over the financing plan the dealer will usually offer you.

Call us today 9AM - 9PM EDT at (877) 937-2311 for your free upfront consultation to see if our services can help you save on your first or last motorhome purchase.

RV Buyers Advocate, Joe Bruno has actual motorhome experience and has logged more than 100,000 miles in three motorhomes and a tow vehicle from 2004 to 2006.

"I have been across most of the North American Continent in addition to being a sales consultant at the one of th nations largest single site dealers."

Let Joe share his experience with you today and help you save "Thousands"!