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Trading Your RV

Trading your beloved friend in for a new or newer coach will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. It is probably one of your largest financial commitments you will ever make too.

Your Choice as a Second time Buyer is to Sell or Trade

You tell yourself, I don't have the time or patience to sell first, I think I will Trade!

The main issue with the choice of trading is that most motorhome owners continue this habit until that day when they decide to not do it any more or down size to a more manageable coach or class C. It is at this time that many will realize what a big mistake they made financially by "taking the easy road" and trading or some cases giving their coach to the dealer for up to tens of thousands of dollars less than what you could have sold it for privately.

The Problem With Trading With a Dealer

When you go to a dealer to trade your coach for a newer and/or bigger coach, The dealership works it's method to make what it can on the transaction. Many first time buyers will pay thousands if not tens of thousands too much for their first coach. When they trade up to their second coach, they may not realize the loss they are taking on coach #1 because of the mark-up from ACV or actual price the dealer paid for the coach. Many dealers will use this buffer to hide the mark down on your trade. The best transaction between seller and buyer is a "FAIR" transaction where both parties benefit from doing business with each other.

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